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8 10 2010

hi ,

I try to use during 2 days , you’re chocolat preset on realflow 5 but I don’t success .
could you send me the scene ? please ?

I hope it’s possible

have a nice day

8 10 2010

What preset? Do you mean the preset from the RFLabs? That preset only works for RF4, due to several changes in the liquid particles solver in RF5 you will need to change the external and internal pressure.

14 10 2010
steven lum

Hi, can you suggest me a best system configuration for working with real flow. my current system is really suffering , Thanks

14 10 2010

As higher as you can pay, :). But you could start with an I7(6cores) with at least 8gb of Ram or more.

10 11 2013
sankhabrata chatterjee

Hello sir, I am a beginner at realFlow, I am from India, trying to learn on my own as there are no teachings available on RealFlow.. So please can you suggest me some tutorials or sites from where I can learn fluently and able to create works like you.. Thank you..

11 11 2013

Hi, you could have a look to or
There are several sites with tutorials in the net, one of them could be

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