Rexona Sea Salt

18 04 2012

This is the last tv commercial I participated for Lola creative agency and Serena production facility, I did the transformation from fluid to particles shot with RealFlow and did too some Maya particles and Maya Fluid simulations. I develope some scripts in RealFlow for the transformation too. You can see some R+D in this post.


Old stuff

16 08 2011

These are some videos I prepared for the RealFlow Render Kit help manual long time ago.

Paint Fibers

11 08 2011

Having fun using Hybrido, Daemons and RenderKit.

Testing with Grid Domain emitters

16 09 2010

This was a test simulation I did to study possiblities with animated geometries as emitters in Grid Domains.

First contact.

29 06 2010

This was one of the first simulations I did and my first contact with RealFlow. It was a commercial for a make of mineral water “Vichy Catalan”.  I did it with RealFlow3 and rendered with Mental ray using several Vortex daemons and some geometry shapes and a lot of patience.

The first one.

22 06 2010

Hi all!

This is the firts post in my “offshore” blog. To celebrate it I want to show you one of the first simulations done using Realflow HYBRIDO technology and RenderKit, my colegues and me did it one year ago at Next Limit.