Speaker & paint: Personal Proyect

30 03 2013

This is a personal experiment I did based on the the promo from Canon Pixma. To know more this test have a look to http://rfwisdom.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/speaker-paint-simulation/

Rexona Sea Salt

18 04 2012

This is the last tv commercial I participated for Lola creative agency and Serena production facility, I did the transformation from fluid to particles shot with RealFlow and did too some Maya particles and Maya Fluid simulations. I develope some scripts in RealFlow for the transformation too. You can see some R+D in this post.

Old stuff

16 08 2011

These are some videos I prepared for the RealFlow Render Kit help manual long time ago.

Testing RBs in RealFlow Caronte

12 08 2011

In this video I was testing  for a commercial the main rigid body solver of RealFlow -Caronte-.

Paint Fibers

11 08 2011

Having fun using Hybrido, Daemons and RenderKit.

Testing with Grid Domain emitters

16 09 2010

This was a test simulation I did to study possiblities with animated geometries as emitters in Grid Domains.

First contact.

29 06 2010

This was one of the first simulations I did and my first contact with RealFlow. It was a commercial for a make of mineral water “Vichy Catalan”.  I did it with RealFlow3 and rendered with Mental ray using several Vortex daemons and some geometry shapes and a lot of patience.